The Project Manager and the translation

The figure of the Project Manager is the professional that coordinates and monitors the technical and human resources involved in a project, and whose objective is to provide a quality translation. It follows a series of parameters that make up the project, such as compliance with deadlines, costs, etc.

There are three main duties:

  • Definition:

Help the customer to define precisely the target that you want to achieve through the translation.

Receipt of texts, it is who selects the translator or team of translators that best suits this type of translation according to the sector and the calendar. It is the link between the customer and translators.

Controls at all times to satisfy the translation that takes place the customer’s demand.

  • Coordination:

The Project Manager is the person who controls at all times that they are fulfilled the objectives fixed with the client, defines the tasks to be implemented and sets deadlines for these tasks.

  • Follow-up:

He is responsible for the compliance with the criteria of quality, code of ethics and respect for the environment.

It keeps track of the cost of the project, and after a prior evaluation of the investment over the life of the project, ensures that affected customer price is suitable, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises.